The Books

This page is just a snapshot of all the things I'm currently working on.

The Shape that Breaks (Contemporary YA) : Celeste has had her nose in a book practically since she was born, so she's convinced that love always ends with happiness. She finds out the ugly truth when the love of her life, Alex, breaks up with her and moves away, taking her heart with him.To try to distract herself, she decides to pursue Aiden, the new boy across the street. It works, for a while, and she loses herself in his drawings and his obsession with math and his love for obscure opera music. But Aiden isn't perfect, either, and his problems are even bigger than her own selfish ones.

When she sees Alex again for the first time since their break up, something changes in her. If she can't figure out being alone, how is she supposed to be happy with someone else? And even though it'll break her heart and Aiden's, she must make choice: be comfortable with herself, or always rely on a new distraction to get away from her last heartbreak.

The Symmetry of Grace (Lit. Fiction, NaNoWriMo '11)You would think, after the Outbreak, after the fall of most of humanity, that the past wouldn't matter quite as much. That guns and strong legs and good aim would be enough to save you. But Indy can't help it. Now that everyone's dead, she finally realizes how little she enjoys being a loner. And then she finds Luke Cross, her mortal enemy since grade school, and also the boy whose life she saved almost a year ago, before zombie roamed the earth and things like cell phones and TVs mattered. If there's anyone she'd like to band together with, it would not be him. But it's not like there's anyone left.

It's strange how many things you can do when there's no one around to stop you. Like: drive cars recklessly fast, get drunk on convenience store beer, raid the mall for clothes that don't really matter, target practice with the body of your high school principal, graffiti the walls of your old high school, and especially kill zombies.

The Soot Prince (Fantasy, Camp NaNo '11): Currently reworking.