The Girl

I've known I wanted to be a writer since I was old enough to understand that words go in books. I couldn't even read yet, but I wanted to so badly that I made my mom tell me what everything said, even road signs. I learned to read when I was three, and from there, it's been my love and my passion. I used to lay in bed and make up stories to help me go to sleep, about princesses and castles and knights on white horses and mermaids and mermen and anything else that came into my head.

And now, here I am. I'm nineteen years old and going to school for my only passion. I want to work in publishing and I plan on getting my bachelor's in Editing, Writing, and Media before moving to New York to pursue my dream. In the meantime, I will write as much as I can.

I'm currently working on two novels: The Shape that Breaks, which I'm in the middle of what is hopefully my final rewrite/draft before I can successfully query, and I Killed Fiona Washburn, a YA contemp about forgiving yourself and learning to fall in love. Other projects that are currently on hold: The Unlikelihood of Nostalgia, a YA contemp about an amnesiac; The Reaping of Jonah Salt, a YA paranormal/urban fantasy that is in a super rough kind-of first draft phase; and another as of yet untitled paranormal about a girl who can see how people will die.