Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hopefully back!

I have been writing and reading for months now, but not blogging. See, my problem is that I cannot stick with something for longer than a month or so before losing interest. And everyone and their mother has a blog - no one will care if little ol' me doesn't have one! The fact is: I am lazy. That's why I don't write as much as I should and that's why I never clean my room. It isn't complicated, it is just that.

In the interval between the death and rebirth of this blog, I have:

-graduated high school
-gone to Marco Island with my best friend for a week
-gone designer-hunting at Goodwill with my mom (who sells stuff on eBay)
-stopped running (which I am restarting! yay!)
-become semi-addicted to Twitter (Follow me!)
-written 14k words of The Unlikelihood of Nostalgia

So, I haven't been that busy. I've been reading - in fact, I just got Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce, which I am so excited to read since I follow her blog kind of religiously and think she is adorable. I just finished Susane Colasanti's Waiting for You, which I thought was totally cute.

So, here is my question for everyone else today: How do you avoid that laziness? How do you motivate yourself to blog when you really, really don't feel like it? Or: how do you motivate yourself to write? I need to have a year-round NaNo because that's the only way I write every single day.

And here, for inspiration:


  1. I usually avoid procrastinating by giving myself little mini pep talks. I'll be in front of the mirror saying: "Yeah, Meera, you can do it! Okay let's go do it!" It can be kind of embarrassing if someone who doesn't know what I'm doing walks in. But it doesn't matter! I know I can do it! lol xD

  2. meeroar: That is so cute! I'll have to try that sometime - maybe yelling at myself in the mirror will help motivate me! :)