Sunday, March 28, 2010

Musings About Writing

It seems that when I have a lot of time, I rarely spend it doing anything productive. In the past few days since school ended, the only productive thing I've done is go to a spin class and work out at the gym for a couple of hours. I've written a total of about 300 words and mostly, I just played Pokemon and Guild Wars. I'm not very good at motivating myself.

Today, I'm just going to ramble. I don't post here often enough because I don't feel like I have a reason to. I don't want to bore people. So, here's a little intro to the first novel I ever completed: The Shape that Breaks.

I started writing it something like four years ago during winter break, before I started running and before I had a job. I just had an idea and I went with it - a girl who's heart is broken by, in her eyes, 'the perfect boy' and who gradually learns to pick up the pieces, aided by the wonderful, golden-eyed Aiden. There was this kid in my Marine Bio class who had yellow-green eyes who inspired Aiden - he was way tall and very skinny, his limbs too long for the rest of him. Aiden is probably one of my favorite love interests of all time. He wasn't that gorgeous, but he was striking in the way he looked because he stood out so much. His mom is from Greece and his step dad is a total jerk who moves them all over the place. He's a super genius at math. He's the goofiest character I've ever created and also one of the sweetest.

I finished The Shape that Breaks two years later, during a summer marathon writing session. The first draft was terrible and since then, I've totally changed the plot. I kind of treat my first draft like the time to just get to know the characters and the plot usually changes after that, like with The Unlikelihood of Nostalgia. But Aiden still continues to be my favorite character.

A little excerpt:


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