Monday, August 23, 2010

Author Interview: Jackson Pearce

Right after I read Sisters Red, I asked Jackson if she'd like to do an interview. Of course, this woman is amazing and busy and what-have-you, so I've just now gotten around to posing it! Blame my first day of college for it!

If you guys are unaware, Jackson is the author of two YA books: As You Wish and Sisters Red, both of which are amazing and both of which I own! I'd definitely recommend you read them. 

Anyway, here's my review of Sisters Red, which I was totally in love with. I liked how it stuck to the roots of scary, not-sexy werewolves, even if I am a fan of sexy, Native American werewolves. (Ahem, I did not just admit that!)

What was the first novel you ever wrote called and what was it about?
My first book was called THE KEYBEARER, and it was about a girl who finds out the attic in her deceased mother's house leads to another world when she uses a set of old keys in the door. It was a fun book, but a little too overdone to be publishable (I now realize).

What do you think is the hardest part of being a writer?
The hardest part of being a writer is juggling the writing side with the author side. As a writer, my only job is to write, edit and revise. But as an author, I have to answer emails, do interviews, live shows, talk to publishers-- I love BOTH the writer and author side of the profession, but sometimes it's tough to make time for both!

Who is your favorite character in Sisters Red?
I truly don't have a favorite character-- I love both Scarlett and Rosie. I do find myself a little more empathetic to Scarlett, perhaps since I'm an older sister too. When people say she's too obsessed with hunting, or that she needs her own love story, I get really defensive!

A lot of authors have been romanticizing werewolves in recent novels (Twilight Saga, The Dark Divine, Shiver). However, Sisters Red definitely doesn't do this. Were you trying to contradict the current trend? (I loved the idea of returning back to the scary roots of werewolves. They seem a little too... whiny nowadays.)
I wasn't really trying to contradict the trend, I was just writing a book I loved! It just happened to be the opposite of what's going on with werewolves nowadays. I did, however, want to make sure that if my wolves were monsters, they were REALLY going to be monsters. The eat-your-face kind :)

And, a random bonus question: Are you a dog or a cat person?
I've got one of each! I love both dogs and cats.

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