Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Teaser Tuesday!

Still reading Mockingjay. Still excited. :)

So, I haven't done a teaser in a while. This is from the rough rough rough draft of a story I've been working on. I can't decide if it's gonna be short or long, but at this point, it's looking more novella length than novel length.

Some background: The MC, Sienna, is just out of high school and her little sister, Amber, committed suicide about a year and a half ago at this point. She works at a public pool as a lifeguard and Danny is her manager. (He's only like three years older than her, though.)

Warning - there's some sex.

"Morning," I said to Danny, pulling open the other side of the gate. He grunted but didn't say it back, his usual style. He liked to grunt instead of answering things, like a cave man. But I could kind of understand his grunts now. They were like his own little language.

I went into the back office and pushed my backpack into my cubbyhole. They were all labeled with our names and you could tell who was messy just by whatever crap was left inside of them.

I heard Danny's footsteps come inside the room and turned around. "Sienna," he said. It was weird to hear him speak and whenever he did, it sent goosebumps down my arms.

Then he was walking towards me and I saw all of him in one snapshot: unshaven stubble, dark brown eyes, hair falling into his eyes. He'd wanted to be an Olympic swimmer when he was younger but he got injured, so how this was his job. But he still had the huge biceps from being a swimmer.

"Yes?" I said, but I knew what he wanted before I'd even finished the question. He was there, strong arms pinning me to the wall next to the cubbies. He pressed his forehead against mine and stared at me for a second, biting his bottom lip.

This was why I got to work early.

I was the one who bridged the gap between us, angling my lips towards his. Then his body was flush against mine, pressing into every part he could. He was the best kisser I'd ever kissed, his tongue tracing the tip of mine, nipping at my bottom lip. He grabbed my thigh, just skin because I was only wearing my bathing suit, and wrapped it around him, then dipped his head to my neck and bit me softly right at the curve of my skin.

I wanted him, all of him, right then. We stumbled toward his office, not relinquishing our touch on each other for a second, and he slammed the door with his foot. He set me down on top of his desk, pulling at the straps of my bathing suit. We didn't even lock the door. We didn't care.

I sat up and pulled his white v-neck off, revealing his deliciously tanned skin. His shoulders were so broad that I felt safe within the confines of his arms, more safe than I'd felt anywhere in a long time.

This is what happened next, because I will spare you the details: my fingernails made claw marks in his back and he bit my neck to keep from crying out and he collapsed on top of me, holding most of his weight on his hands so he didn't crush me. He was a big guy.

And then I went to work.

Being a lifeguard means boredom, but it also means endless time to think about things. I don't like to think about things, especially what I've done wrong. Like that day - talked about Amber to my mom. My dad liked to talk about Amber, but my mom, no. She liked to pretend Amber hadn't existed. Amber's room was now an office for her.

When I got off for lunch, I ate my turkey sandwich in the air-conditioned confines of the back office. Danny was in his office, typing at his computer. I stopped in there before I left, sitting down on the tearing vinyl chair in front of his desk. "Can I ask you something?" I said.

He shrugged, taking his eyes off of his computer screen.

"Why do we do this?"

His eyes met mine, just for a moment. I thought he would shrug again or grunt noncommitally, like he always did, but for once his voice came out. "Because we're fucked up."

I went home, played the piano for an hour, and took a nap.

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