Monday, October 18, 2010

Jumpstart the World Giveaway!

Elle is a loner. She doesn’t need people. Which is a good thing, because she’s on her own: she had to move into her own apartment so her mother’s boyfriend won’t have to deal with her.

Then she meets Frank, the guy who lives next door. He’s older and has a girlfriend, but Elle can’t stop thinking about him. Frank isn’t like anyone Elle has ever met. He listens to her. He’s gentle. And Elle is falling for him, hard.
But Frank is different in a way that Elle was never prepared for: he’s transgender. And when Elle learns the truth, her world is turned upside down.  Now she’ll have to search inside herself to find not only the true meaning of friendship but her own role in jumpstarting the world.

Tender, honest, and compassionate, Jumpstart the World is a stunning story to make you laugh, cry, and honor the power of love.

Hey everyone! This week is super exciting because not only am I participating in the Jumpstart the World blog tour - I'm also hosting a giveaway of the book! Catherine Ryan Hyde also wrote the super-famous Pay It Forward, the  book that inspired the movie, and I got a chance to read not only Jumpstart the World but also another awesome book of hers - The Year of My Miraculous Reappearance (review to come this week!)

Anyway, the way to enter this giveaway is super easy and simple! The entries are:
+1 for email and name
+1 for Tweeting about the contest
+5 for blogging about the contest
+1 for adding all your entries

Leave all of  your entries in a comment and the giveaway is set to end at 12AM on November 1st, so get all of your comments in by then! This giveaway is not international, unfortunately, but I promise the next one that I have will be! I'm so excited for this giveaway and this blog tour - I love Catherine Ryan Hyde's books! :) This giveaway is not international, unfortunately, but I promise the next one that I have will be!

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