Thursday, April 14, 2011


As some of you who follow me on Twitter may know, I've been working on a new WIP these past couple of days. On Monday, I wrote 7,000 words, and 3,000 the following day, which excites me to no end. I am not a fast writer by any means, but the voice of this character and the idea for this story was just bursting out of me. That stream has already slowed to a trickle, but I'm not going to give up hope!

Anyways, in light of that, I've had a lot of time in front of my computer lately, listening to indie music (I've made the observation that most of my favorite bands have two-word names: Snow Patrol, Say Anything, Vampire Weekend, Manchester Orchestra), and therefore, a lot of time to think. About maturity and loneliness and death and, after listening to a live show with John Green today, the experience of being someone else. I don't indulge in these types of thoughts enough; it's easy to get so caught up in life's shallow ideas that you forget to wonder about just being human. Not that being caught up is a bad thing, but for my writing, it hasn't been necessarily helpful.

When I first started this blog, it was because I loved YA and because I wanted to share that with the world and maybe talk about my writing a little bit. But as things have happened in my personal life, I've definitely matured a lot in the past year and realized that the most important thing of all to me is writing. The absolute most important thing in my life.

Thus, I've decided that Read Sam, Read! is going to become less and less about my adventures with reading and reviewing YA and more about my adventures in writing and what that's made me think about. My current WIP has made me realize how little significance can be given, in novels, anyway, to violence towards other people, especially death. It's also made me wonder how I would feel if both of my parents suddenly died or if I had to be uprooted and live with a bunch of supernatural creatures to get away from the supernatural police.

And I like thinking about that type of thing! I like sharing it with the world and see how other people view those things. It's interesting how in my own head I am, and how often I have really groundbreaking thoughts that I never share with anyone but myself. It's a trope of being a writer, I think, that I converse with myself inside of my head daily. In any other passion, that might be looked at a little strangely.

This is not to say that I will not review any more YA novels -- on the contrary, I will definitely still being reviewing them! But that is no longer the central focus of this blog. I may even --gasp!-- change the name to something more appropriate.

If you've gotten this far in this post, I commend you. Thank you for reading half of a novel worth of my thoughts.

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