Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Journey of Awesome

The other day, I was sitting in my Fiction Technique class, scribbling in my moleskin, trying to come up with a new story idea while my professor droned on and on about how she is now a DOCTOR and we should call her DOCTOR and she has an AGENT and she's publishing her NOVEL and none of us students could possibly ever write the way that SHE does.

So I started to freewrite, and what came out of that little freewrite is what is now my new WIP that I'm super excited about. It's been so long (probably two years?) since I've come up with an idea this big and inspirational and I really need something to work on while I'm querying TSTB, or else I'll drown myself in edits until TSTB is polished within an inch of its life. I love that novel so much, but goddamn. It had consumed my life for three years.

I've spent the past four days just turning this idea over and over in my head, picking out plot points and figuring out the love interest and trying to wrap my head around writing something that is completely outside of the contemporary realm within which I usually write. I won't give a huge summary right here because it's still in the planning stages (ish, I've written like 4 pages), but I will reveal to you the AWESOME name that I came up with while trying to fall asleep the other night:


Expect to hear more soon! (This might account for my spastic amount of posts last week and the absolute dearth of them this week.)

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